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Lawn Maintenance​

Professional weekly lawn maintenance encompasses a comprehensive approach to keeping your lawn in optimal condition throughout the growing season. Our dedicated team ensures that your lawn remains healthy, vibrant, and well-groomed week after week. Our services include precision cutting to maintain an ideal grass height, meticulous edging along sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds for a crisp, clean look, thorough trimming around trees, shrubs, and landscape features to maintain uniformity, and expert blowing to remove grass clippings and debris, leaving your lawn immaculate. With our attention to detail and commitment to excellence, you can trust us to provide reliable and professional lawn maintenance tailored to your specific needs. Let us take care of your lawn so you can enjoy a lush and beautiful outdoor space without the hassle.

Spring & Fall Clean-Up

Our comprehensive spring and fall clean-up services are designed to rejuvenate your outdoor space and prepare it for the changing seasons. In the spring, our team tackles accumulated debris from the winter months, including fallen branches, leaves, and other debris. We meticulously clear flower beds, remove thatch buildup and aerate the soil to promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms. Additionally, we assess the condition of your lawn and address any winter damage, such as snow mold or compacted soil, with specialized treatments. As autumn approaches, our focus shifts to preparing your landscape for the winter ahead. We rake and remove leaves, prune overgrown shrubs and trees, and apply a protective layer of mulch to insulate plant roots and suppress weed growth. Our fall clean-up services also include gutter cleaning to prevent clogs and water damage to your home. With our thorough and efficient approach to spring and fall clean-up, you can enjoy a well-maintained and beautiful outdoor environment year-round. Let us handle the seasonal maintenance tasks so you can spend more time enjoying your outdoor oasis.

Core Aeration

Core aeration is a vital component of lawn care maintenance that promotes healthier and more resilient turfgrass. Our core aeration services involve the use of specialized equipment to remove small plugs of soil from your lawn at regular intervals. These cores are then left on the surface to break down naturally, providing numerous benefits to your lawn’s overall health and vitality. Core aeration helps alleviate soil compaction, which can occur due to heavy foot traffic, lawn equipment, or natural settling over time. By creating channels in the soil, core aeration improves air, water, and nutrient infiltration to the root zone, promoting deeper root growth and enhancing drought tolerance. Additionally, core aeration encourages the breakdown of thatch – a layer of dead organic material that can accumulate on the soil surface – allowing for better nutrient uptake and microbial activity. Our expert technicians carefully assess your lawn’s condition and customize the core aeration process to address specific issues such as compacted soil, excessive thatch buildup, or poor drainage. With our professional core aeration services, you can enjoy a healthier, greener lawn that thrives year-round.


Dethatching is a crucial step in maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn, especially for lawns with a buildup of thatch – a layer of dead grass, roots, and organic matter that accumulates on the soil surface over time. Our dethatching services involve the use of specialized equipment to remove this thatch layer, allowing your lawn to breathe and thrive. Thatch buildup can prevent air, water, and nutrients from reaching the soil and root zone, leading to compacted soil, reduced root growth, and increased susceptibility to pests and diseases. By dethatching your lawn, we effectively remove this barrier and restore optimal conditions for healthy turfgrass growth. Our experienced technicians carefully assess the thickness of the thatch layer and adjust the dethatching process to ensure thorough removal without damaging the underlying grass. Following dethatching, we can also provide overseeding and fertilization services to promote new growth and strengthen your lawn’s overall resilience. With our professional dethatching services, you can rejuvenate your lawn and enjoy a lush, green landscape that enhances your outdoor enjoyment. Trust us to help your lawn reach its full potential with our comprehensive dethatching solutions.


Overseeding is a proactive approach to lawn care that involves spreading additional grass seed over existing turfgrass to promote thicker, healthier, and more resilient lawn growth. Our overseeding services are designed to rejuvenate thin or patchy areas of your lawn, enhance its density, and improve its overall appearance. By introducing new grass seed varieties to your lawn, we can fill in bare spots, repair damaged areas, and introduce improved grass cultivars that are better suited to your local climate and soil conditions. Overseeding helps increase competition with weeds, reduce soil erosion, and enhance the lawn’s ability to withstand environmental stressors such as drought, disease, and pests. Our experienced technicians carefully assess your lawn’s condition, identify areas that would benefit from overseeding, and select the appropriate grass seed blends to achieve optimal results. We utilize specialized equipment and proven overseeding techniques to ensure thorough seed-to-soil contact and successful germination. Following overseeding, we provide tailored care instructions to help promote strong root development and establishment of the new grass seedlings. With our professional overseeding services, you can rejuvenate your lawn, improve its resilience, and enjoy a lush, green landscape for years to come. Trust us to help your lawn thrive with our expert overseeding solutions

Landscape Maintenance​

Bed Maintenance

Bed maintenance is an essential aspect of preserving the beauty and health of your landscape. Our comprehensive bed maintenance services go beyond simple weeding to ensure that your landscape beds and parking lots remain tidy, weed-free, and visually appealing year-round. Our skilled team utilizes a systematic approach to weed control, targeting both visible weeds and their root systems to prevent re-growth Besides weed removal, we also address other aspects of bed maintenance such as pruning overgrown plants, trimming edges for a clean and polished appearance, and applying mulch or other ground covers to suppress weed growth and retain moisture in the soil. We recognize that each landscape is unique, which is why we tailor our bed maintenance program to suit the specific needs and preferences of your property. Whether you require regular maintenance to keep weeds at bay or seasonal clean-ups to refresh your landscape beds, you can rely on us to deliver professional and reliable service every time. With our special attention to bed maintenance, you can enjoy a well-manicured landscape that enhances the curb appeal and value of your property. We will keep your landscape beds and parking lots looking their best with our comprehensive bed maintenance solutions

Shrub Trimming

Professional shrub trimming is an essential aspect of landscape maintenance that requires precision, expertise, and attention to detail. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in shrub trimming, ensuring that your shrubs are pruned to perfection to enhance their health, appearance, and longevity. We understand that each shrub species has unique growth habits and pruning requirements, which is why we approach each trimming project with careful consideration and skill. Our experts use the proper tools and techniques to remove dead or diseased branches, shape the shrub for optimal growth and aesthetics, and promote flowering or fruit production where applicable. We also take into account factors such as sun exposure, soil conditions, and desired landscape aesthetics when determining the ideal pruning schedule and technique for your shrubs. In addition to improving the overall appearance of your landscape, professional shrub trimming offers numerous benefits, including increased air circulation and sunlight penetration, reduced risk of pests and diseases, and enhanced plant vigor and resilience. With our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver superior shrub trimming services that exceed your expectations. Let our experts elevate the beauty and health of your landscape with professional shrub trimming done right.

Selective Pruning

Sometimes ornamental trees & shrubs need a different type of trim. selective pruning helps keep the look & shape you desire


Mulch delivery and installation

Professional Landscaping​


Complete landscape installation & design from start to finish

Landscape Renovations

Give your property a new look or just a refresh

Landscape Design

We offer digital imaging

Excavation & Bobcat Service

Call for hourly rates

Drainage Solutions

Have an area that floods or holds water? We offer many drainage solutions that work, from down spout pop-ups to trench drains

Rain Barrels

Collect free water for your lawn, plants and, garden


If you have a property with overgrown brush or trees we offer complete clean-ups
We are asked if we rent dumpsters. Sorry, we don’t. But we recommend this company- Michigan Dumpsters for dumpster rental in Michigan.


Brick Pavers

We create beautiful walkways, patios & driveways

Paver Repair & Restoration

If you have uneven pavers that need attention give us a call. We also offer brick paver cleaning & resealing

Retaining Walls

We build all retaining walls, seat walls & garden walls to perfection

Masonry & Concrete Repair

Chimney repairs, tuck-pointing, porches, and caulking

Snow Plowing​


24-hour snow plowing service from start to finish


Keep parking lots clear of ice and snow


Keep all Pedestrian walks, sidewalks & walkways clear of ice & snow



We’ve devoted a whole section to hydroseeding. So click here to find out all about the process.

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