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P and P Lawns

With decades of experience and commitment to Lawn Care and Landscaping Solutions

We at P & P Lawns are not concerned with being the largest lawn & landscaping company in Michigan, we only strive to be the very best in the market. We take great joy & pride in developing long lasting and trusting partnerships with each and every client. We are committed to providing you that one on one service & quality you deserve. You will never be just another client in a long list of jobs to us. You and your property will always be our first and only priority. We set our goal to stay small so that we can offer a one of a kind service that can’t be matched elsewhere. Your property is our REPUTATION and a chief REFLECTION of our company. You will receive nothing but the very best individual lawn & landscaping service in the industry today!   

A Company That Makes A Difference

P and P Lawns stands out as a company that truly makes a difference in its community. With a passion for both landscaping excellence and environmental stewardship, we go beyond just cutting grass.  Moreover, our dedication to customer satisfaction ensures that every client receives top-notch service tailored to their specific needs.


Dedicated and knowledgeable professionals


Offering all jobs guranteed & neatly done


We provide 24/7 on time services

Excellent Service

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